Chris Sewell

Consultant - Project manager - Photographer

Recent fun with photography:

Pano-wide at Bimmerfest

Still playing with using portrait panos to take wide-angle photos. Composing these isn't nearly as easy as I thought it'd be, but when done right the end result is beautiful.

Loud and nasty

Bimmers with various performance exhausts were everywhere this year at Bimmerfest, as expected. Including this Borla equiped monster.

M4 at Bimmerfest East - 2014

Got to check out a handful of new BMW's at Bimmerfest. Among them the new M4.

Post processing with Snapseed

Here's a quick overview of how I edit a photo with Snapseed.

Going wide with the 5S

I went out to a car show that happens every Saturday near me to play with a new way of taking wide angle photos with the iPhone 5S. While the optics are already fairly wide, it'd be nice to get wider without having to strap an external lens to the back of the phone. To accomplish this I get pretty close to the subject while holding the phone in portrait, to where the top and bottom of the subject are framed properly, but obviously too close for left and right of the subject to be framed. I then use the pano feature of the stock camera to take a pano from either left to right, or right to left, and crop to a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Laguna Seca

While out in California for Google I/O, I got a chance to swing by Laguna Seca and check out a rather large Porshe event. My Sony A99 was a blast to use at this event, time to get some of these printed up.

Golden Gate at night

I was really lucky with the night I picked to go visit the Golden Gate while in California for Google I/O. The weather was perfect, wind was minimal, and no one was around at the spot I picked out ahead of time.


I was hired to shoot an event outside of I/O while in California. While everyone was setting up a few of my friends and I decided to snap this selfie with the chef Ray Walters.

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I/O with friends

Thanks to these two I got to attend Google I/O this year, and what a year to attend. So many friends that I've made over the years made it in to town during I/O. It was such a great time getting to hang out with everyone.

That stare

About to head out to I/O, Daniels dog is giving me one mean stare. I can tell today is going to be an interesting day.


Meta had a booth here showing off their rebranded company, along with an upcoming watch.


In NYC for the night with a press pass to The Luxury Tech Show. Can't wait.


Having a ton of fun here at the Auto Show in Baltimore.


Bought Kayla a Lancer GT, time to have some fun in the snow.